PROGRAM-Chinese Language Certificate Program

Each week consists of 12 hours of classes

Mornings:       Mon. – Fri. 9:30 – 12:30

Afternoons:    Mon. – Fri. 2:30 – 5:30

Intensive Courses held once every two months


2. Class Content

Chinese + Other Specialization

  • Chinese Martial Arts
  • Chinese Painting
  • Chinese Music
  • Acupuncture


3. Costs

Plan A: $1000 tuition fee for Chinese classes in the mornings and one

specialization (A, B, C or D) in the afternoons.

Plan B: Free Chinese classes in the mornings on the condition that the student teaches

a foreign language to Chinese students in the afternoons, evenings, or on

weekends and holidays. A foreign student may teach his or her native

language, for example, English, German, French, or Spanish. After the

foreign student has accumulated 12 hours of teaching, he or she will be paid

at a rate of US$12 per hour for any further classes taught.


4. We are looking for students from different countries who are interested in studying

Chinese Language and Culture.


5. Locations of Classes:

Taiwan ROC: Tainan City

People’s Republic of China: Nanchang


6. Advertising

* We propose that agents around the world help us to recruit suitable students for

the above program.

  • ECHO / University of Golden Mountain – Hunn Chenn Institute will have
  • representatives at many international conferences on education.
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