Dr. Lisa Chan, Director, ECHO International

University of South Dakota, USA, Doctor of Education (EdD)

City  University, USA, Master of Business Administration (MBA)


Many thanks to all of you for supporting ECHO International Language School
and Overseas Study Counseling Company over the past twenty and more

Education is a labor of love, but brings its rewards in the from of
achievement and the gratitude of those who benefit from it.

I myself have experienced the benefits. I grew up in a poor family
in the southern region of Taiwan, but now already have a doctoral degree from a US university.

I have also assisted educators at every level in Taiwan to apply for
overseas study. On their return to Taiwan, many have become lecturers,
and professors.

I now deem it a privilege to be able to share my experience and
knowledge with students who will be the leaders of tomorrow. I believe ECHO is a
model for other businesses, and our services could be your springboard
to greater success!