Students who come to Taiwan from overseas to learn Mandarin can choose to stay in one of the rooms in the hostel if they wish to do so.


The IDEA Center is located in Tainan City, not far from the Railway Station, in the Kuo Hua Building.

As Taiwan’s oldest city, Tainan has successfully preserved much of its rich culture and history. The former capital is also famous for its culinary delights, thriving ecology, and high-tech industries. A blend of the modern and traditional, Tainan is worth exploring for its nature conservation and cultural heritage.

ECHO International Exchange School & IDEA Center and Hostel are right in the middle of the old town. This is a very convenient area, in which are many restaurants and eateries are within walking distance.→MAP


The spacious interior is divided into several sections. There is a student common room and a movie theater where language learners can watch English or Chinese films. There are personal study areas, classrooms, computer rooms, a TOEFL testing center, and hostel rooms where students can stay. Just outside the apartments, there is a sauna and a jacuzzi. Students staying in the apartments can use the kitchen to cook for themselves.



Kitchen                                      Jacuzzi, shower, and sauna


Each Japanese-style apartment is equipped with a sink, as well as toilet and shower facilities.


There is ample space to hold other events, classes and seminars.