Dr. Lisa Chan began operating Jiangxi Hunn Chenn Institute in 2000. The Institute itself has been accepting students since 1992.  The Institute is located in the city of Nanchang, China.  If we are to compare Nanchang to Shanghai or Beijing, Nanchang is well populated but much less developed.  Compared to bigger cities, Nanchang’s local government is poor and the students here have not been receiving equal funds and support.

Dr. Chan believes that inculcating honesty and trust in the students is most important. However, these must also be teamed up with proper training that will better equip our youngsters to become part of the work force of the future – a work force that will raise the quality of industrial performance.

Jiangxi Hunn Chenn Institute provides daily educational programs for youths. In 2002, we acquired 250 acres of land for our school’s expansion, and we also cooperated with Xin Nong farm in using an additional 6000 acres for school enterprises and an industrial compound. In May, 2003, we acquired another 2000 acres of land for further expansion. A new campus with new buildings will be established on this land, and this will give young people who do not yet access to higher education the opportunity to improve themselves and receive the training vital for them to make a worthy contribution to society. Our goal is also to provide our students with more information on technology, and to establish international educational relationships with schools overseas.  We felt that compared to youngsters in the developed nations, our youths are not receiving enough training in the technology field.  We attempted to set-up an Engineering Department to instruct our students in the basic engineering theories and practical technologies such as Nano-technology, Biochemistry technology and Semi-conductor overview.  We believe these studies will enable our students to be better equipped and will also help to narrow the gap between students in this part of the country and the rest of the world.  All of this requires good direction along with better tools. We currently have the following academic departments at Jiangxi Hunn Chenn Institute:


Business Administration
Business Management
Electronic Technology
International Manners
Tourism and Hospitality
Business Design
Calculating Applications
Mass Communication
Applied Foreign Languages
Health Care
Early Childhood Education
Applied Japanese
Tourism Management
Hotel Service
Property Management
Biochemical Science
International Business
Business English
Physical Education
Building construction Technology
Computer Administration
Art design
Medical cosmetology
Automotive Technology

We have already developed a thorough plan for our school’s expansion,  and havedevoted ourselves to helping students of lesser means to gain equal access to educational opportunities.  We stress the importance of allowing students in developing countries to receive technological training.

We believe that our plans will be successful because we have twenty-two years of experience in the field of education. In Taiwan, we work through the Agency ECHO International Language School & Overseas Study Counseling Company. We are very interested in forging more international relationships with overseas schools and universities, and cooperating with them in cultural exchange, as well as the development of programs in China.



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